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Changing Mercury Street Lamp to LED, But Don’t Just General LED

ECT Street Light

Mercury street lamp are one of the most common street lamp you can see. They produce a distinctively yellow-orange glow. But today, Mercury street lamp are quickly being retrofitted with more efficient and eco-friendly LED lamp.

They are not suitable for applications needing high color rendition accuracy, like in retail and commercialize lighting. Mercury lamp would do poorly on projecting the colors of objects with high precision.

One problem case is during midnight to morning time, only once in a while all factory outdoor area are in mobility. Still turning on mercury lamp on all night, will yearly cost around Rp. 64 juta/20pcs lamp. Due to safety and cctv, lamps can’t be turned off too. This is where LED street lamp are best at. Let’s get moving from the old yellow-orange glow Mercury Street Lamp to LED, But don’t just general LED!

As a trusted industrial lighting partner with 200+ excellent happy customers, 12,000+ lamps sold in 12+ years of experience, we PT. Ecogreen Clean Teknologi are pleased to announce to our customers of our new Ecogreen LED Street Lamp Series.

ECT Street Light

Come up with 80W series of lamp that tailored in a distinct cool white glow and least light pollution, our LED street lamp is a better street lighting option which is highly preferred in today’s struggle towards green living. This is because integrated LED street lamp are more energy-saving than other outdoor lamp, requiring less maintenance and operation costs for up to 80%.

Our LED street lamp are equipped with exclusive smart motion sensor and dimming function with the lights stays 10-30% when no motion, and 100% when motion detected. Brightness can be set different lighting modes depending on your area’s requirements. They are also highly recommended for retail, commercialized, industrial outdoor, and many more.

Dimmable LEDs have become very popular due to their versatility. Dimming the lights gives you control over the ambiance of an area. It also allows you to moderate light intensity for comfort or to increase productivity. And most importantly, dimmable lights can reduce energy cost and consumption compares to other general LEDs.

You can find smart integrated LED street lights, the best choices for energy efficient and low cost solutions. This is why majority of the world are shifting towards LED outdoor lamp, and now is your turn.