Ecogreen Clean Teknologi

MM2100 Project 3

Service Industry

Ecogreen Project Pantos MM2100
TypeMetal Halide LampEcogreen LED UFO Lamp
Brightness150 Lux245 Lux
Total Lamp Installed289 Pcs142 Pcs
Height of Lamp12 M12 M
Pitch of Lamp8 M8 M
Ops Hour12-2412-24
Wattage250 W + 58 W Ballast80 W
Total Wattage89012 W11360 W
Wattage Savings77652W
Yearly Wattage Savings340.115.760 W (340.12 MW)
Monthly Utility CostRp. 112.629.851Rp. 15,618,106
Yearly Utility CostRp. 1.351.558.208Rp. 187,417,280
Annual SavingsRp.

ROI within 3 months