We are proud to be the distributor for SDST/SDPRO which are widely used by the Government and Major Private Sector in Singapore.

Cleaning and disinfecting is never like before. With this current condition, we need the NEW NORMAL.

Normal disinfectant only kills the virus when they are wet, incoming 30 minutes later when the cleaned surface are dry. If any new strain of virus landed on that surface, it is contamined again which may spread to anyone exposed to it or touch it.

Therefore, with our new SDST/SDPRO that has the ability to be coated and bonded with the surface, it is able to continously kill any virus that lands on the surface and thus it will be safe from all those viruses. WHY SPEND MONEY TO KEEP SPRAYING DISINFECTANT WHEN YOU KNOW IT ONLY KILLS OLD OR EXISTING VIRUS WHEN YOU CAN DO COATING THAT WILL PROTECT YOU AND YOUR FAMILY FOR EVERY SECOND 24/7 FOR THE NEXT 90 DAYS.


Website : www.ecogreen.id Phone : (62)21 82735121

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